Ace That Interview Spell

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Tools you will need:

Copy of your Resume

Green Candle

Green Magic Ink

Feather Quill

Oil – for success

Inscribe the candle with your name.  Anoint it and the resume with the oil.  Write your name on the resume with the ink.  Light the candle.  Fold up the resume and put it into an envelope.  Hold the resume while the candle burns down and chant:

By fold of one, my wishes come

By fold of two, my dream comes true

By fold of three, the magic’s free

By fold of four, it flies and soars

By fold of five, this spell’s alive

Continue chanting until you feel the energy grow within you.  When the candle is ready to drip, take the candle, drip the wax onto the flap of the envelope to seal it.  Wrap up in a plastic bag and carry in pocket or purse to take to the interview.

(I found this online years ago and it is unfortunate I can not give credit to the person who originally posted it.  But I am very grateful to them.) ask amy website speed test

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A Chant to Protect from Sickness & Weakness

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

Die old Moon!

And do it quick!

Lest I, like thee

Grow weak and sick!

(Another spell found online during my studies.  I have not performed it.)

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Full Moon Water

Image courtesy of Exsodus at

Image courtesy of Exsodus at

Every full moon take a jar of water outside to absorb the light of the moon. Ask the Goddess to bless the water. Next morning take in the water and use it in all your rituals when water is needed. Repeat each full moon disposing of the left overs from the last batch by pouring it into the earth.

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Consecration of Ritual Tools

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at

Image courtesy of phanlop88 at

Incense – representing East
White Candle – representing South
Small bowl of water – representing West
Small bowl of salt or earth – representing North

Cast the circle.  Say to the elements and God and Goddess:

Before these spirits I bring these (name of tool)
To be dedicated to the service of the Sun and moon,
To the Earth and Heavens.  To the mother and father,
To the God and Goddess who are one.

Pass the tool three times through the smoke of the incense, saying:

By the power of Air, be purified.
Be dedicated to purity
That all goals you help achieve may harm none
And be for the good of all

Pass the tool three times through the flame of the candle, saying:

By power of Fire, be purified.
Be dedicated to desire,
That all goals you help achieve may harm none
And be for the good of all

Sprinkle a few drops of water on the tool, saying:

By the power of Water, be purified
Be dedicated to emotion
That you be used in the spirit of harmony
Harming none and for the good of all

Touch the tool to the Earth/Salt, saying:

By the power of Earth, be purified
Be dedicated to steadfastness
That my will be achieved without wavering,
With harm to none and for good of all

Presentation to the God and Goddess.  If this is a chalice present it first to the Goddess, than to the God.  If it is an Athame reverse the order.  All other instruments it is your preference, but it is courtesy to present it to Her first.

Presentation of the Chalice:

Lady, bless this chalice,
let it be a vessel of productivity that may be worthy to reside in this circle with you.
Let it be so bound that no harm may come of it to any being.
To your service, I dedicate this vessel, that it may be long of service to you.
Lord, bless this chalice and keep watch over it.
Guard the works which come forth from it, that they harm none
and be ever in the service of you and your lady.
To you I vow that I shall use it for her sacred purposes and none other.
So mote it be.

Presentation of the Athame:

Great Lord, bless this Athame
Let it be pure for your service
And bind it so that no harm may come of it to any being
Lord, bless this blade
That is be used always in the worship and honor of you and your lady
Lady, bless this blade,
That it may bring forth joy and purity
And shall cause no harm to any being
I dedicate this Athame to your service
God and Goddess twain.
So mote it be.

After dedicating the rest of your tools in like manner, release the circle.

(This is a great thing to do when you purchase or receive new ritual tools.  It helps you empower them with their purpose, they become more than the metal and wood they are made of.)

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Get the person you like to kiss you Spell

This is not a spell of my own creation or doing.  The voice you will read who is describing this spell is not me, however I am passing it on because it is a cute spell.  The creator of this spell is unknown, as is the person who posted this online.

This is a spell to get someone you fancy or love to kiss you!

What you will need:

1 red candle

A white piece of paper

A red colored lipstick or a glittery pink one.


Light the red candle (be careful).

Draw a lip print on the white piece of paper.

Hold the paper over the candle and think of the person you want to kiss you. Then chant:

Kiss me when we meet,

kiss me (lovers full name),

greet me with your lips and say you missed me,

but most of all kiss me.

(Remember to visualize you both kissing and falling in love)

I did this spell (as I said before) outside my house because i wanted to be careful not to set fire to my room!!! When I saw the boy I did the spell on, his best friend kept staring at me and smiling, I thought the spell had crossed over onto him!!! But it didn’t because two or three days later the boy I did the spell on asked me to go with him (kiss him) and I did!!!  We have been good friends ever since!!! If you believe it will work, then it will.  I was excited at the thought that my spell had worked, so I became more interested in magic. I have made a pact with myself not to do black magic because I believe what goes around comes around!!!  Good luck with this spell but be careful with magic!!!

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Chant for Losing Weight

(This is the very first spell I every performed.  I cast a circle using table salt, a kitchen knife for an athame and said these words until I could feel the energy building up inside.)

I make my vow to fast until

This crescent moon shines round and full

While she waxes let me wane

I must lose that she may gain.

translate .

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Remembering the Dead, An Herbal Ritual

Picture 057(This spell is not one I have written.  I found it online when I needed it and I was able to say goodbye to my grandfather, whom I did not get a chance to see right before he died.)


Juniper  *  Bay  *  Yew  *  Alyssum  *  Parsley  *  Basil  *  Rose  *  Rosemary

Cast your circle using the rose petals and rosemary sprigs to define it.  Kneel in the center and say:

The wheel of life turns

The cycle of rebirth continues.

Those beyond life

You are remembered today.

Gifts of love and hope

Are offered whole heartedly

To those we remember

To those we do not

To all of those we have lost.

Dark Lady and Dark Lord

In your gentle embrace

Our dead you have taken.

All threads of life are cut

All threads are woven anew.

May the wheel turn

And begin the cycle again.

We give freely

Juniper for love

Yew for rebirth

Bay for strength

Parsley for cleansing

Alyssum for happiness

Basil for peace.

May our blessings be received.

You are remembered.

With each herb, as it is mentioned, sprinkle it into the flames at the bottom of a cauldron.  Think of the one you have lost and feel your emotions freely. and completely.  Weep if you feel like you should.  Grieve and rejoice all at once.  This ritual can be done when a loved one passes, or for one you never got to say goodbye to.  This ritual celebrates rebirth and the passing from one phase of life to the next.

company formation

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Prosperity Spell by Arrvada


Large Black Candle

Basil – Love, Protection, Wealth

Comfrey – Safety, Money

Calendula – Success, Legal Matters, Protection

Cast your circle and sit within it.  Inscribe the black candle with your desires for the spell.  Light the candle.  Take a pinch of each herb and place into a mortar, grinding it with the pestle.  Once ground sprinkle the herbs over the candle while saying these words:

The seeds I have sown

The plants they have sprouted

I ask you now for boutiful harvest.

The seeds I have sown

The (actions, plans, events, etc)

They plants they have sprouted

(List what the fruit of these actions would be, i.e, new job, etc)

I ask you now for a boutiful harvest

(List the desired end results, good paying job, lose weight, healthy family, etc)

I will work hard

But I ask your blessings all the same

Gods Above

Gods below

Bless me, your child

For as I will

So shall it be done.

Let the candle burn down and the spell will bring the fruit you seek.

website change monitor

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My Path – pt 2

n1171241599_257721_5234I studied and I searched.  At times joyfully racing down this path, filled with wonder at all I learned, at others cringing back, afraid to move on.  A life time of pew sitting in a Southern Baptist Church can fill you will a horrible fear of God and of the Hell you can so easily be cast for any indiscretion.

I feared that God, feared He would destroy me and I would fail him and myself.  I feared His wrath because I began to fall in love with a Goddess.

From my person Book of Shadows: Jan 1, 2002 – I performed my first spell in the eve of the new year.  It wasn’t scary like I thought it would be.  It felt good, natural even and it felt beautiful.  It I did not feel like I was reaching into a forbidden zone or calling on dark spirits.  It was encouraging and I hope the One God understands.

My sister and her friends have planned to all go on a diet.  So we drew a Circle in the carpet, drew a pentacle and took our places.  Then I cast a circle with a kitchen knife and we welcomed Father God (When I first started out on this path I had a hard time calling on a God other than Christ.  It made me feel somehow like I was cheating or that I was sinning.  So in order to not feel like I was dishonoring him, the titles Father God and Mother Earth seemed right.  Now I joyfully call upon the God by his many names and the Goddess by hers.)and Mother Earth, the four Elements and the strangest thing was that the quarters in which we each sat corresponded with our Zodiac elements without our conscious knowledge.  It was so strange, but so cool.  I am encouraged and have already set next Sunday to chant for healing on our friend Marya.

I didn’t ever chant with Marya, though I intended to.  By the end of the next week I had begun to fear that perhaps this path I was taking was just my way og rebelling from my religious upbringing.  Or a distraction from the divorce I was currently embroiled in.  So I shied away from the path my soul wanted to take.

And so it went, a month safely back within the fold of Christianity before the color and magic drew me back and I found myself once again searching the web for more secrets that had always been forbidden to me.  The color would come to life and I would seem obsessed, learning all I could, buying books on the subject.

From my personal Book of Shadows: Wicca in a way does ring true.  I have always believed in magic  and in the energy that runs through everything.  I also see the God and the Goddess.  There is definitely a male and female aspect to the God in my heart.  The God is the father, the protector, the I call to when I am afraid.  The Goddess, should she not be the creator, the Earth beneath that was our womb?  Why is it that we are taught to believe that God is a He?  That the female has no place in the makeup of the divine?  After all who is it but the female who creates and carries life in her womb?  Why would God show us that it takes both the male and female together to make life, if not to illustrate that together we are created in “Our Image”?  Is it not then logical to think that perhaps a male all powerful God was the creation of a male dominated society that treated women like they were lower then livestock?  Why is it that when I read the Bible and go to church I hate the sexist god they portray?

I am definitely less hostile in my feelings now, as time has passed to smooth out my convictions, or rather strengthen them inside of me.  Some of the passion in my Book of Shadows then was inspired in part by a life time of oppression by overly zealous parents, a marriage that had made me feel bitter toward the male species in general.  Some of my beliefs still mirror the ones I wrote so long ago, but I hope that I am much more tolerant now in my thirties then I was directly after my divorce.  My Book of Shadows held no censoring, it was pure thought and passion and that is how I present it here now.

From my personal Book of Shadows:  The god of the Bible was sexist, cruel and not a god I particularly like.  Which makes me feel blasphemous, but I do think that the god of the Old Testament was evil.  I mean how can a God who is the “Same yesterday, today and forever” change so drastically between the Old and the New testaments?  It’s just not right.  I have always been raised to believe in God.  But how is it that this god, the god of Christians has provoked all the murder and death in modern history?

In the name of God they have murdered millions.  The Christian god provoked the Crusades, the Inquisition, gave men the license to beat and whip their wives, children and slaves.  This god, was he just a creation of a male dominated society?  Why is it that it stamped out, violently, every religion that was there before it?  Did it start as a good and beautiful thing and then become corrupted by men?  Why is it that it’s main goal suddenly became the complete domination and oppression of women when in the beginning women could preach and lead equal to men?

Why is it that while raised under this religion I hated my gender?  Why have we been taught that women are the weaker sex?  Why is it clearly state that we “came” out of men?  Women are the creators, we are strong and not by any means weaker.  There are women who are physically as strong as men, women are smarter and more emotionally and spiritually powerful if we could just  escape from beneath this social stigma.

Question, are men afraid of us?  Is that why they have always tried to oppress us?  Another question, why has our religion cut us off from the beauty and magic of this world?  Why has it separated us from everything?  Why are we strangers in our own land?  Why are our emotions, spirit and body separate from each other?  Why are we no longer balanced?  What is wrong with me that I must leave the religion of my youth and seek out a pagan belief?

Am I evil because it looks so good and beautiful to me?  Is it simply rebellion from my mother’s teachings?  Or is this my true life path?  And if I do choose this path as my own, will I ever lose the guilt for abandoning the God of my youth for the God and Goddess of the Earth?  My greatest fear is to sin and fall from grace even if I have to continue to tread a path that is not mine.  Is the risk worth it?  What if I make a mistake?

I am an earth child, a believer in magic and the innate power of magic.  One who falls easily into the rule of Wicca, but is that my sin nature I must change and defeat or is that what makes me beautiful and me?  Why must there be so much debate to choose my path in life?  Part of me is afraid, but my soul cries out for freedom!  This religion, this Wicca, calls to me.  It always has.  But I deny it because it is “Evil”.  But to me it shines more beautiful with each thing I learn.  I am afraid because it is in me.  I am it.  I am Wiccan.  God forgive me, I am.

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Crisis Spell by Arrvada

Free Stock Photo - SadThis spell is to be used when in dire need, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually.


Comfrey – For Safety & Money

Basil – For Love, Protection & Wealth

Calendula – For Success, Legal Matters, Protection

Large Black Candle

A piece of blank paper

A pen or pencil

Cast your circle and sit within it.  Inscribe the black candle with your desires for the spell.  Light the candle.  Take a pinch of each herb and place into a mortar, grinding it with the pestle.  Once ground sprinkle the herbs over the candle while saying these words:



I need you.

I feel so lost inside



I need you

Too many nights have I cried.



I need you

I don’t know what else to do.

Everything I touch burns

Everything I do is hard

I’ve done all I can

I turn now to you.



I need you

Hear these words as my plea

Grant me aid, so mote it be.



I need you

Bring into my sight

Everything to ease my plight

This list I give up to thee

As I will, so mote it be!

Write down on the piece of paper a list of your needs and desires.  Take the paper and tear it into pieces.  As you feed each piece to the flame say the following (BE VERY CAREFUL!  YOU ARE LITERALLY PLAYING WITH FIRE!):



I need you!

Once all pieces of paper are burned allow the candle to burn out completely.  If you wish you can bury the remains of the candle to bind the spell.

Locate ip

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