Ace That Interview Spell

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Tools you will need:

Copy of your Resume

Green Candle

Green Magic Ink

Feather Quill

Oil – for success

Inscribe the candle with your name.  Anoint it and the resume with the oil.  Write your name on the resume with the ink.  Light the candle.  Fold up the resume and put it into an envelope.  Hold the resume while the candle burns down and chant:

By fold of one, my wishes come

By fold of two, my dream comes true

By fold of three, the magic’s free

By fold of four, it flies and soars

By fold of five, this spell’s alive

Continue chanting until you feel the energy grow within you.  When the candle is ready to drip, take the candle, drip the wax onto the flap of the envelope to seal it.  Wrap up in a plastic bag and carry in pocket or purse to take to the interview.

(I found this online years ago and it is unfortunate I can not give credit to the person who originally posted it.  But I am very grateful to them.) ask amy website speed test

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